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Founder & President

Mr. Vinayak R. is an engineer by qualification and a teacher by passion. He holds a postgraduate degree in Leadership & Educational Change from the National Institute of Education, Singapore and Teachers College, Columbia University, the USA, and a post-graduate diploma in international education from Birmingham City University, the UK, and Indus Training & Research Institute Bengaluru. Vinayak has always been inclined towards service since his college days. During his engineering days, he started a branch of the iCare group which was founded by a group of students in Bangalore to serve society. Vinayak’s grandmother, Smt. Kamala Selvaraj has been a great source of motivation and inspiration, she has been serving the needy in her own ways even when her financial situation did not permit her. Further, during his Master’s in Singapore, the readings and learnings about the education system in India have been an eye-opener regarding the inequities in India. These factors have been a trigger for Vinayak to start Dwarakamai Foundation.



Ms. Mallika Ravi is the Chairperson of BVV’s Early Learning Centre. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and took VRS from National Insurance Company after serving the company for three decades. She has been ever supportive of Vinayak’s ideas and vision to serve society at such a young age and she has gone out of the way to contribute financially to the growth and development of the Dwarakamai Foundation.

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Mr. S. Ravi


Shri S. Ravi holds a Bachelor's degree in Commerce and took VRS from the State of India as an officer. He is a freelance consultant and advises companies in finance and banking. He also is a trained mediator in alternate dispute resolution and has mediated several corporate disputes successfully. Mr. Ravi firmly believes that the purpose of life is to uplift humanity. He always motivated Vinayak to start an NGO and serve the needy. Today, he is happy to see Dwarakamai Foundation take wings.



Shri V. M. Adnur holds postgraduate degrees in Mathematics and Education. He is the Principal of Bala Vinayaka Vidyaniketan, Gadag with more than 20 years of experience in education. Mr. Adnur believes to serve the needy within the available resources. He aspired to start an NGO post-retirement and serve needy students with free accommodation and education. However, Vinayak’s idea to begin Dwarakamai Foundation helped him realise his long-term goal earlier than expected. So, he joined hands with Vinayak to lead the foundation in serving the underprivileged.

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Shri R. Rajaraman


Shri Rajaraman holds a Master’s in Manufacturing Systems and Engineering from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. During his Master’s, Rajaraman and Vinayak always discussed that they need to give back to society as much as they can. He supported Vinayak’s idea of starting an NGO after the latter returned to India from Singapore. Since then, Rajaraman has been supporting Dwrakamai Foundation by working remotely for the foundation, especially in securing funding from prospective donors and supports us in delivering our objectives.


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