Women Empowerment

  • To provide counselling sessions to women in distress and empower them to face and handle family challenges confidently. 
  • To empower women to become financially independent through vocational education. 
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To Feed The Needy

  • To conduct food donation drives to feed needy people.  

Skill Development

  • To empower students/adults with social and emotional skills. 
  • To provide vocational education to students from educationally disadvantaged backgrounds. 
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  • To provide academic support for the students from poor and marginalised backgrounds through free coaching classes. 
  • To conduct periodic counselling and career guidance sessions for students with a particular focus on academically weak students. 
  • To provide free residential education to students from underprivileged backgrounds.

Healthy & Elderly Care

  • To support the elderly who are without family support in visiting hospitals and their daily needs. 
  • To build a daycare centre for the elderly.



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